ZSK to hold in-house exhibition of embroidery machines

ZSK will be hosting an exhibition of its embroidery machines at its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, on September 26 and 27.

Besides single and multiple-head embroidery machines of the J-series, technical embroidery systems, flat system and other machines will be displayed as well. The biggest machine which will be shown is a flat system machine with 28 embroidery heads.

All machines will be displayed with various applications and accessories. In addition to product presentations, employees will be available for technical discussions as well.

Software forms important part of exhibition

Besides embroidery machines, options and accessories for the ZSK Software Studio will be an important part of the exhibition. The vivid presentations of the Punch and Design Software EPCwin and BasePac will be followed up by a question and discussion session.

Newly added to ZSK’s product range is My.ZSK. The newly developed My.ZSK enables the operator of ZSK embroidery machines to check and analyse via the internet, anywhere and anytime, the performance of the machines which have been registered in the system.  Possible irregularities and sources of errors can be recognized quickly at early stages and can be repaired on time.  Production failures and down times can be avoided this way and the productivity increases. This product, which contains software and hardware, has been developed in collaboration with Ritter Technologie, Oberhausen.

Other exhibitors at the in-house exhibition

Sales director, Andrew Stocks, and engineer, Paul Todd, will be joining the ZSK team at the exhibition, to represent Stocks, the sole UK Supplier for ZSK Industrial Embroidery Machines. Also this year, there will be many other companies of the embroidery and textile industry attending the exhibition, as well as various companies from other work areas.

For more information call 0113 242 9378, email admin@stocks.co.uk, or visit www.stocks.co.uk or www.embroiderymachinery.co.uk

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