ZSK and Smake introduce the EPS Project

EPS Project

At Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt (June 13 to 15), ZSK Stickmaschinen and Smake presented the new EPS Project. The system is the solution to solve alignment issues of printed fabrics and embroidery in all-over production.

EPS Project includes at least two projectors with special lighting (to deal with light and dark fabrics) and a Smake control box. The projectors are installed on the outside heads of the embroidery machine. If more than two projectors are installed, they can also be in the centre of the machine.

The Smake control box can access files from the server via network or folders can be places into the hotfolder of the Smake control box.

Depending on the height different of the projector and the fabric, the projector is capable to handle a variety of head distances and field depths. The system can project embroidery filed and therefore enables the machine operator to fix the fabric in the border frame at the perfect position.

The combination of print and embroidery has grown in popularity during the recent years and the perfect placement of the design has always been a time consuming activity. The EPS Projector reduces the setup time and therefore increases the productivity of the machine and allows a higher precision in design placement. The projectors can be installed either on a bridge going across the machine, or directly on a bar hanging from the roof.

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