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Triblend Tee
Triblend Tee

B&C Collection deeply believes that your project is unique. This is why its collection is wide and offers plenty of solutions. The breadth and relevance of B&C’s offering is the result of research and innovation that ensures the brand has the styles you need to support your creativity, every day whatever the requirements.

Each style will be decorated, so they are developed to provide the best canvas for printing or embroidering because B&C wants happy decorators. Happy because they are working with beautiful, premium quality and easy to decorate products.

And to make everyone happy this year, B&C has launched 12 new top quality T shirts with cool and relaxed style and fit that are outstandingly soft and provide a premium canvas for decoration.

B&C T shirt factory

Diverse, eclectic, used in almost every situation, T shirts must say something about you but not overpower your personality. Modern and comfortable – that is the spirit of the B&C 2017 T-shirt Collection.

B&C wants its T shirts to be extremely soft and with a premium hand-feel to touch your emotions. B&C wants its T shirts to have retail-fits and quality, to make you beautiful. B&C wants its T shirts to be ring spun and combed, to provide superior printability and to bring your message the quality it deserves.

You can let your inspiration free, confident of great decoration results.

My favourite Organic Tee

These cool and conscious tees made of 100% organic ring spun combed cotton are extra-soft, ultra-printable – thanks to combed ring spun cotton that offer exceptional even and smooth surface – and they are great to wear.

B&C Organic Tees are also available in 100% slub yarn for a unique textured look.

My favourite Triblend Tee

Made in 50% polyester, 25% ring spun combed cotton and 20% viscose, the ultra-soft B&C Triblend Tees offer the perfect fabric alliance: the comfort of the cotton, the resistance of the polyester and luxurious drape of the viscose. And that’s not all: it’s breathable.

You enjoy from high quality printability and a perfectly relaxed look.

Are you solid shades or heather colours? B&C offers both looks. B&C Triblend Tees are available in four solid colours and four unique heather colours, all with the same outstanding quality.

Sublimation Tee
Sublimation Tee

My favourite Sublimation Tee

B&C Sublimation Tee is the softest 100% polyester T shirt on the market. It has a unique soft-to-touch cotton hand-feel.

You can now achieve super-bright and bold-colour prints that look like a photograph. No boundaries to your creativity anymore.

Easy to print, comfortable to wear, soft to touch, yet durable, those are the main qualities of B&C’s new T shirts. B&C’s unique fabrics will inspire you to be even more creative in your communication and to offer something different, Many ways to open your business to new opportunities.

B&C No Label

Thanks to B&C No Label, the 12 new T shirts feature an easy branding solution to complete the customisation of your T shirt: no brand label located in the collar, only a size chip.

Last but not least

Last but not least, B&C has expanded the B&C ID line with four new B&C ID sweatshirts combining the price of polyester with the feel of cotton, to bring you even more possibilities to develop your business.

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