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The M3
The M3

DTG Digital is well known for its direct to garment printers with over 8,000 installations to date. In fact there are more companies that rely on DTG Digital than any other brand globally.

Now the legacy continues with the release of the new M3 garment printer. The M3 supplements and complements the current M-series range. It offers more productive garment printing workflows with an average 30% productivity increase yet at only a marginally higher capital investment thus offering a strong ROI for production oriented printing companies.

John-Paul Burton, sales director of Your Embroidery Services Ltd, UK and European suppliers of the DTG digital range, said: “We wanted to increase the speed and simplify the user interface to make the new M3 into something that printers will find far easier to maintain and operate. With a rise in volume digital print demands from our customer base we felt we needed to respond and offer more productive equipment without it having a major effect on the level of capital investment. DTG Digital has achieved this and more with the M3   another ground-breaking piece of development work.”

He continued: “Customers want to print higher volume orders reliably. DTG Digital has worked hard to bring about what we believe is the most rugged printer with far less maintenance at a better price point in the market.”

They obviously knew what was needed by printers and reacted in the appropriate manner and this is one of the reasons that they are a trusted brand by so many users. In a statement the company (DTG Digital) commented that it has confidence that printers will see the M3 as a breath of fresh air in this area of garment printing.

It was not just the printers that were being considered though. The company wanted to offer its dealer network a technology platform that was easy to understand and therefore allow them to offer a complete service to their customers. What better way than to base the new model on a set of criteria already known by the dealer.

The M3 brings a number of new features that complement the demand for volume printing. An all new garment platen system made up of three sets of 4-2-1 platens allows prints to three XXXXL oversized garments, six standard garments or 12 smaller garments in one system thus reducing the need for multiple platens in production and utilising the maximum field space of 1,150x650mm to its full capacity. The 4-2-1 platen system drastically increases flexibility and productivity allowing more opportunities for profit making volume print production requirements.

This new model will, as with previous machines from DTG Digital, set the industry alight. It will establish new production and quality standards that other companies will find it difficult to compete with giving DTG Digital machine users an advantage yet again.

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