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Dave Roper can arrange a colour matching service
Dave Roper can arrange a colour matching service

The Dave Roper range of inks includes water-based inks from leading manufacturers Virus Inks of Italy. These PVC free inks perform like plastisol, but with a light, creamy and easy to use consistency they stay wet in the screen during printing longer than any other water-based white tested. With the ability to print through Dave Roper’s full range of mesh sizes water-based ink not only prints well, it feels amazing on the shirt. With an extremely soft hand, bright and crisp look and flexible nature, they’re certainly worth a try.

The Virus range includes Hydra, Perfetto and Discharge along with a line of special effects inks such as glow in the dark, metallic, reflective inks and many more which are all available for purchase directly from with usage instructions available for each individual effect.

If you’re unsure of what you need to achieve your desired effects, the team at Dave Roper are able to use their combined 50+ years of screen printing experience to advise the best options for your more advanced designs.

Dave Roper stocks the Virus Pigments and Pantone Mixing System for printers looking to create their own colour mixes. Dave Roper also stocks a full range of tried and tested Amex plastisol inks as well as the Amex CMX range for pantone mixing, plus the guides to work from. Alternatively, if you’re not 100% sure exactly what you need the team can arrange a colour matching service for your convenience.

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