The year of the wireless, low-cost embroidery has arrived

Wilcom WiFi USB stick

2018 is set to be an exciting year for embroiderers and decorators. With economists predicting positive growth, business owners can set their sights towards expansion by capitalising on new creative design techniques as well as embracing new productivity tools to reduce their running cost and bolster their bottom line.

Tackling the business challenges of productivity and efficiency, Wilcom’s exciting new wireless design transfer solution fits the bill. EmbroideryConnect enables wireless transfers to virtually any USB-ready embroidery machine. No matter what brand you operate, Barudan, Tajima, ZSK, Happy, SWF or any other.

If you have ever tried networking your machines, you will understand the pain. Struggling with cables, serial ports, different interface methods and often special wiring, it’s always been a struggle, until now.

EmbroideryConnect is a combination of an add-on Element for EmbroideryStudio e4, plus a compatible WiFi USB Stick supplied by Wilcom.

Simply install EmbroideryStudio e4 with EmbroideryConnect on your Windows WiFi networked PC, plug the WiFi USB Stick into a machine, and your designs are ready to go.

The solution also supports multiple machines by attaching a WiFi USB Stick to each machine. The operator can then send any design to any connected machine. No more wasting time running around and franticly searching for a USB stick.

EmbroideryStudio e4 Ordering is the low-cost solution, enabling the expansion of embroidery functions to customer service or sales teams. They can generate quotes quickly and accurately, then deliver them to customers on high-resolution product images which Wilcom insists will increase customer confidence and result in faster approvals with every job. A real time-saver.

ES Ordering also includes the Design Library feature. Customer service and sales teams can search and locate client designs as well as track the production status and add valuable job details to an order. Everything is stored safely within the .EMB design file and eliminates the IT-pain experienced with most database applications. EmbroideryStudio e4 Ordering has been smartly designed without the need for a complicated database making it accessible to a business of any size.

Other key benefits of EmbroideryStudio e4 Ordering include:

  • Creating quotes and customer approval sheets.
  • Managing job order status.
  • Showing designs in locations on garments with quantities in a colour and size matrix table.
  • Creating new colour variations of designs.
  • Logging requests for digitising new designs.

Wilcom also kicked off the year with the release of Update e4.1 for itsEmbroideryStudio e4 suite. This update embraced what the fashion and logo embroidery markets were looking for and it does not disappoint. Jam-packed with a mix of new creative stitch types, new digitising tools, rich feature enhancements and further speed improvements, this is just what your business needs to take the next step. Not to be left out, existing EmbroideryStudio e4 customers will receive this update absolutely free.

Here is a list of some of those stand-out features or enhancements for EmbroideryStudio e4 suite and add-on elements:

  • New String Stitch – Also known as Paghadi, this string-art style stitching method is commonly used in fashion embroidery to hold down small mirrors.
  • Contour stitch enhancements including a new Even Density fill type.
  • New Offset Fill.
  • New Advanced motif run with gradient motif size and spacing.
  • New Parallel offset with open objects.
  • Custom sequin shapes and hole positions, plus a custom sequin fixing stitch.
  • Pattern stamping for twin sequin objects.
  • Cording effect display.
  • Updated Design Library with speed and searching filtering improvements.
  • Auto-Digitising enhancements.

Wilcom is really excited to watch the continued transformations in the embroidery world and so far 2018 has got off to a flying start.

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