World of Textiles integrates a second Paradigm II in production process

The Paradigm II
The Paradigm II

Following a brief test phase, World of Textiles of Konradsreuth in Germany, (Willy Maisel GmbH in Konradsreuth) has integrated a second Paradigm II into its production workflow. One station of each of the two T shirt carousels has been equipped with this technology.

Managing director Willy Maisel answered questions about the Kornit Paradigm II in considerable detail and spoke about his experience with the technology. He also provided a fascinating insight into his company.

The Kornit Paradigm II is a DTG (direct to garment) add-on solution for screen printers. It augments traditional screen-printing systems (carousel or oval machine) and facilitates the move into digital DTG printing. The Paradigm II is suitable for printing on dark garments, variable data combinations, challenging and complex four-colour (4c) printing, spot colours and all-digital applications for short runs.

The textile printing industry’s requirements are changing and becoming increasingly demanding. Integrating a digital machine into its production line enables World of Textiles to adapt easily and cost-effectively to customer needs. The digital screen-printing press supports complex digital and screen-printing combinations in a single pass. This makes it possible to combine flock, foil, metallic and glitter effects with high-quality digital print images.

In textile transfer printing, transfer presses are used to apply a print layer to the material. As a result, the relevant garment loses its breathability and flexibility, with the print lying on the material like a film. In direct printing, on the other hand, the material is dyed and the textile retains its full elasticity.

When printing T shirts, World of Textiles primarily uses the discharge method. A bleaching ink is used to remove the colour from the T shirt fabric where printing is needed and it is replaced by the appropriate print colour at the required location. This means the material feels no different after printing. The discharge method can only be used on dark-coloured textiles. Logically speaking, it would not be needed on light-coloured materials given that the purpose of the discharge process is to remove the colour from the textiles. The benefit in the case of dark-coloured functional textiles is that the print does not seal the openings in the textile meshes. This is the only way to ensure that the functional garment retains its breathability in the printed area. It is important to use the appropriate colours when producing/dyeing the material. The discharge method is not suitable for 100% polyester materials.

The headquarters of World of Textiles, which has been part of the textile industry for over 90 years, are located in Konradsreuth in Bavaria.

Having woven its own materials in the early years, the company has become one of Europe’s foremost textile finishers in recent decades. Managing director Willy Maisel is the third generation of his family to successfully run World of Textiles.

An example of a T shirt made with the Paradigm II
An example of a T shirt made with the Paradigm II

Cotton bags were first produced in Konradsreuth in 1974, so Maisel lays claim to being the inventor of this environmentally friendly shopping companion.

With storage facilities covering an area of over 10,000sq m World of Textiles has permanent, direct access to 3.5m finished items, which enables fast and flexible delivery.

Production operations take place at six sites located across the globe: Germany (headquarters, 280 staff), the Czech Republic, China, Bangladesh, India and Thailand.

To ensure high quality, Maisel maintains close personal contact with his staff around the world – something that is very important to him.

As a result, all sites benefit from well-trained staff who conscientiously check everything from print quality to processing.

It goes without saying that sustainability is a top priority at World of Textiles. The global corporations that form part of its customer base would expect no less.

Consequently, World of Textiles only works with certified partner companies.

Key features of the Paradigm II

• Robust design for 24/7 production

• Compatible with both manual and automatic screen carousels and oval machines

• Can be moved between carousel stations

• Spectra Polaris print heads for high-volume industrial applications


• Reduces the number of print head passes and the number of screens required

• Combines carousel and oval special effects with photorealistic multicolour digital images

• Automatic, register-accurate computer-to-print process

• Certified to the strictest international standards: Oeko-Tex 100 (suitable for textiles for babies and infants), positive list of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists)

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