World-beating embroidery machines

The latest embroidery machines from Happy Japan, available exclusively from Midwest, are delivered with cutting edge technology that gives you the flexibility needed for today’s market.

The standard software that comes with the new Type 3 embroidery machines allows you to send and receive designs wirelessly, direct from your design system – no USB or cables are needed, barcode technology is fitted as standard.

You can scan the barcode on your production sheet and the machine will pull the design from your computer direct to the screen. You can also stack work so when one job is finished another is ready in the memory.

You can even go further as there is a full production option that can be added. Again no extra equipment is needed and no high price tags as with other Japanese brands.

Type 3 machines have the ability to run at 1,000 stitches on caps even when using metallic thread, which puts it on another level when it comes to production.

The machines are fitted with the latest servomotor technology which gives a smooth high quality stitch, which is second to none.

The range now has six single heads, three variations of two head, four head, six head, eight head, and of course the high speed compact 12 head.

Midwest’s machines are all made in Japan to the highest quality.

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