Workwear to meet all demands and requirements

Diverse workwear
Diverse workwear

The team at Projob prides itself on its high quality, diverse workwear. This is evident throughout the whole of its product range; from light indoor garments through to the most rugged, heavy duty outdoor items. Due to the various range of clientele in the workwear industry, Projob has both a suitable and broad range of clothing to meet all demands and requirements. For example, its High Vis Waist trousers, which not only come in 15 different styles, but each are available in 33 different sizes.

If it is High Vis you are looking for then Projob has plenty of options available to you. For the perfect work wear uniform, Projob would recommend 3101 and 3501 base layers, which keep your body at a comfortable temperature while carrying out your every day and extreme duties. In addition to these, the High Viz T-shirt would make the perfect accompaniment.

Projob’s flag ship High Vis garment would be the 6406 6-in-1 Parka, a tough and durable jacket with detachable lining which can be used from the winter months right through to the summer.

If High Vis is not your need, then Projob has a more profiled line of garments which will both look great for your company but will be comfortable and long lasting, such as the 3011 Polo or the 3010 T-Shirt.

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