Workwear with Madeira vs the Elements

A good example of production – Maderia’s facility
A good example of production – Madeira’s facility

In the fourth and final part of Madeira’s series of articles looking at how making the right embroidery decision can protect against the harshest of elements, this month the team tackle earth.

In modern industry it is becoming increasingly important that we impact the environment as little as possible. Environmental responsibility is often a key aspect in consideration for big brands when deciding how their products will be made and who will make them.

Madeira, as responsible members of the industry, is continually working to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Working around these key aspects of manufacturing and running a modern business helps to open doors to potential business and often reduce costs, making your business model more profitable.

A poor example of production
A poor example of production

Know your source

  • Raw Materials – responsible sourcing of raw materials, from ethical production and renewable sources, such as Madeira’s core product, CLASSIC Rayon Viscose made from treated fibres from sustainable trees and plants is a great way to start.
  • Energy – by using LED lighting and energy efficient appliances, you can significantly cut your usage and your bills.
  • Water-recycling where possible in the manufacturing process will help keep waterways Madeira’s AquaZero dying process has reduced water consumption by 60%.
  • Chemicals– avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing is essential for quality products. By reducing harmful output and giving your customers peace of mind you can win valuable business.
  • Oeko-Tex and ISO certification is an excellent quality monitoring and globally recognised certification. Products identified with the Confidence in Textiles label and the related proven safety standards are now actively being sought after by consumers.

If you take Madeira’s thread, for example, they have full Oeko-Tex certification so you can rest assured that they are free from harmful substances. Madeira also follows three key principles, of rethink reuse and recycle, enabling the company to maintain its status as the choice of market leaders.

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