Workwear from a leading European supplier

Tranemo is a pioneer in the field of environmental and ethical manufacturing

Tranemo Advanced Workwear is one of the leading European suppliers of workwear with over 85 years of unrivalled history and heritage of making high quality, functional and innovative garments. The company’s garments are used across a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Tranemo is a pioneer in the field of environmental and ethical manufacturing. The company strives to produce world-class corporate and protective clothing while also minimising its environmental impact, acting in an ethically responsible way and having a positive influence in the communities and locations where it operates. The Tranemo WorldCare initiative is built on four cornerstones: Environment and Climate, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility and Positive Working Environment.

One of the ways Tranemo reduces its environmental impact is by creating garments with a longer life cycle. This means that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is very favourable and demonstrates tangible savings to the user, while still maintaining world class levels of protection and excellent cost in use benefits. In addition, Tranemo’s garments are designed to go through industrial laundry processes with minimal impact to the garment in terms of shrinkage and fading, meaning they will look better and last longer.

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