Working harder, working safer

R121M and R308X

Launched in 2014 by Result, the Work-Guard and Safe-Guard ranges focus on function and performance for the professional  workforce.

The comprehensive Work-Guard range provides mix and match garments with dependable properties using performance fabrics for comfort and rugged durability. Built-in features including multi-pocket systems and draught excluding waistbands.  Work-Guard offers a thoroughly wearable head to toe garment range in spectrum colours that enhance the image of any professional workforce.

Safe-Guard is a dedicated range of highly reflective clothing whose properties visually enhance the position of occupational or leisure wearers against a discernible background. Well maintained Safe-Guard certified styles guarantee high levels of personal protection on garments where EN ISO or GO/RT (RIS) certificate conformance is required. Sizing of some high visibility garments are generous allowing them to be worn as an over garment, ensuring maximum visibility.

Work-Guard Lite is a generous-fit range of workwear for warm weather and hot climates. Equipped with its own control wash label system to monitor the water and liquid repellency of its fabric coating, garments in the range are constructed from strong but lighter weight, breathable and windproof 200gsm poly/cotton with a water repellent coating. Module styles in easy-to-match colour combinations with bright orange accent for enhanced visibility, will keep workers protected but cool and comfortable as they work.

Striding into Work-Guard, the Professional Safety Footwear range provides extended cover for those expecting function, purpose and exceptional value for money. The extensive range boots, shoes and trainers offer comfortable protection on and off site.

To ensure you have everything you need, a comprehensive range of headwear and accessories are also available including shirts, beanies, caps, gloves and knee pads.

Work-Guard and Safe-Guard products are ready-to brand and have been designed to take decoration with hidden access points to allow for greater frame or platen purchase on outer fabric. Recommended decoration types have been tested independently and can be taken as an indication as to how the garment may perform.

Both Work-Guard and Safe-Guard offer a mix and match system: a flexible garment combination in dynamic colours to co-ordinate an individual look for work teams. Mix and match suggests various multi outfit combinations using module garments suitable for different work teams or individuals for a head to toe look.

The complete Work-Guard and Safe-Guard range is available through distributors who offer exceptional customer service.

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