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Secure your relationship with an online store
Secure your relationship with an online store

The demand for school uniform has a predictable and recurring nature. New children start school each year, they grow, they wear their clothes out more than adults, and the fact that schools rarely change their uniform style and logo means that school uniform contracts can be very profitable for embroidery and print companies.

Let’s just note that there are in excess of 31,000 schools in the UK and, according to research published by The Guardian, the average spend on uniform per year per pupil is approximately £140.

However, if you have a school uniform contract or you’re trying to win one, you will be facing the challenges presented to you by your competition, of price vs trust. The changing culture in our state school system, where the volume of business resides, means that schools are increasingly run like businesses, so they are always looking for ways to reduce their costs and for new opportunities to increase income. Keeping that business gets tougher ever year.

So, you need to find new ways to secure existing uniform contracts and win new ones. With DecoNetwork you can build an online store for a school, populate it with branded school uniform and then encourage the school to direct parents to purchase through this site. The school no longer has the cost of administering school uniform orders or carrying stock, and in return for pointing parents to your site they could enjoy receiving commission income from all sales.

With DecoNetwork you can create a school store template, clone it for each school you do business with and then brand it with the school colours and logo. You can add the embroidered or printed school uniform and setup special delivery arrangements and times to offer better service to parents. You can even password protect the site so that it’s exclusive only to parents and staff of a particular school. Once this service is in place, it makes your relationship more secure with the school because it’s harder for your competition to replicate; your business will be offering greater efficiency, reduced costs and potential extra income for the school – an overall superior service.

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