Wilcom International partners with leading Chinese embroidery technology

Wilcom has announced its partnership with Chinese tech giant, Beijing Dahao Technology Corp.

The joint venture, Wilcom Dahao (Beijing) Software Technology Co, amalgamates two market leaders to create a powerful embroidery solution for the Chinese market.

After re-entering the Chinese market in 2017, Wilcom has undertaken significant development projects, and now, in partnership with Dahao, the company has begun to implement the unique features demanded in the region.

For many years, thousands of embroidery companies in China have used outdated and unlicensed Wilcom software, leaving their businesses and clients at risk. It will now be possible for them to readily obtain the latest genuine Wilcom software, specifically created for the Chinese market and delivered in Mandarin, with local training and support.

Denis Quaintance, managing director, said: “The Wilcom Dahao joint venture will help thousands of users to get the very best out of their Dahao controlled embroidery machines, powered by our world leading embroidery software solution. Together, we will continue to develop our products, further broadening the capabilities of both technologies and helping embroidery companies throughout China to expand their businesses.”

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