A wide range of DTG ink and accessories


PenCarrie supplies a range of pigment inks and accessories which are specially designed for direct to garment printing. Creating vivid colours and a soft hand print, DuPont DTG Inks (AM001) are extremely resistant to washing as well as being environmentally friendly, while the Polyprint DTG Power Inks (AM101) are made using a special formula which allows for brighter colours and reduces curing time to less than half of most DTG inks.

DuPont Pre-Coat (AM002) offers a high quality pre-treatment for darker garments, and the Polyprint Polycoating (AM103) is a pre-treat for white and light coloured fabrics, including polyester.

As well as inks, PenCarrie offers a range of DTG accessories and cleaners such as the Polyprint Protection Paper (AM010) to use on top of the garment during fixation and precoating, as well as Polyprint Power Ink Cleaner (AM102), DuPont Cleaner (AM003), and Amaya Cleaning Swabs (AM020) to ensure that all your printing needs are covered.

PenCarrie advises that you check that your equipment is suitable for any consumable products you purchase as PenCarrie cannot be liable for any issues resulting from incorrect product use.

If you have any queries on the DTG digital printing range available, please get in touch with John Williams at The Academy.


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