Why Should I have the eTrader’s Platform?

etrader_info3ARTWe get asked this question all the time – it’s a fair question and one we’re happy to answer.

Firstly, lets consider some big facts:

  • UK Garment decoration market is estimated at £500 million
  • There’s a forecasted increase of 17% in online sales for 2014/15

A business in today’s marketplace without a website is viewed very differently to one with a professional looking well-presented site. So by default to really capture the true potential in today’s fast moving Ecommerce world having a site where you can trade online is becoming a minimum requirement.

Also looking at your site and making sure that provision has been made so that it views and displays properly on mobile and tablet devices (known as ‘responsive’ design) – as government statistics now say 4 in 10 online views are made by mobile devices. So you could be waving goodbye to nearly 50% of your online visitors if the site is not working properly!

The other fact often overlooked is that the eTrader platform has been built from the ground up be people linked directly to industry, so the issues and peculiarities of our industry have been considered and worked through.

Why not get in touch and book a demo, your new site could be up and running in 2 weeks!

Email – sales@etraderwebistes.co.uk

Or speak to a human on – 02920755733

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