Why choose screen printing?

goccoproEach month find out more with Derek Muller of GOCCOPRO UK.

Q) Following Printwear & Promotion LIVE! where we saw so many ways to decorate a garment, why choose screen printing?

A) I often ask myself the same question. Why would a business choose screen printing and then why choose a GOCCOPRO system. The answer, it works. Screen printing has been the preferred choice for garment decoration for decades because it works and still does today. Cost per shirt, durability of print… it just works.

So why use a GOCCOPRO system? Well you still get that screen print durability and amazing value for money print but you also get ease of use. All the tough, messy, tricky stuff goes out the window. In comes ridiculous quality and it’s so easy to do. I still feel that the GOCCOPRO will change the way screen printing artwork is prepared because you can do so much more. Have a look at the designs we print in our video this month then ask yourself should I not have one of these systems?

Q) Surely the GOCCOPRO can’t compete with the versatility of direct to garment printing?

A) I love DTG. It is great to see it lay down one of these amazing designs, in fact the GOCCOPRO is working in harmony with DTG machines laying down our inexpensive undercoat of ink for the DTG to sit on top of. However we need to note the bulk of business customers don’t always need this level of colour. A GOCCOPRO screen can print all of these the following items, can a DTG? I wonder if we are all seduced by the amazing full colour prints and forget the bread and butter jobs we do every day. The GOCCOPRO system can easily print; T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, sleeves, pockets, jeans, jog-pants, shopper bags, handbags, rucksacks, zip pouches, bootbags, paper, card, books, diaries, nylon football strips, cycling gear, running tops… and so the list goes on.

For more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 call 01341 654 4304 or email sales@goccopro.co.uk

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