What’s winning when it comes to trophies?

Clear and White Optical Crystal Square Column Award

Whether you are in the market for recognition or achievement awards or sporting trophies getting the right product is essential.

The range of awards that Crystal Galleries offers is extensive and covers a variety of categories including star awards, globe awards, sub surface engraved awards, plus many more, and when combined with a variety of different decoration techniques the options increase even more.

With that in mind the team at Crystal Galleries has compiled some trending awards and trophies to help you make that winning choice.

New trends

If you are looking for something different then Crystal Galleries’ new wooden awards fit the bill. Made from wood and acrylic they are visually striking and combine the quality feel of wood with the versatility of acrylic. These awards are perfect as contemporary awards or if you need a logo to take centre stage.

Award winning

Crystal Galleries’ gold award winning ‘Executive Product of the Year’ Clear and White Optical Crystal Square Column Award is also a popular choice for 2020. With a variety of decoration options such as sandblast engraving, colour printing or 2D and 3D subsurface engraving, you are sure to achieve the exact level of customisation you desire.

Best seller

A consistent all-rounder, the Jade Glass Faceted Octagon award is a firm favourite thanks to its large engraving area. It comes in three different sizes and falls within a range of budgets, depending on the decoration technique. The modern facetted shape of the award looks great and is sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work.


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