What’s trending on Instagram?

Online marketplace OnBuy commissioned research into the most popular fitness clothing brands on Instagram using hashtags. Let’s take a look at what’s tending.

The start of the New Year always leads to a spike in people hitting the gym with the desire of getting in better shape – and if 2022 is the year your customers made this their resolution, then they are going to need some fresh gear to work out in.

If you know what’s tending in the retail world, then you know what will translate well into the printwear world.

Below are the most popular fitness brands heading into 2022 based on Instagram hashtags.

Some key results from the campaign include:

  • Nike is considered a fan favourite, ranking highest as the most popular fitness clothing brand with 152,000,000 hashtags.
  • Adidas come in second with 92,583,000 hashtags, followed by Puma with 19,576,800 hashtags.
  • LuluLemon and MyProtein round off the top 10 with nearly four million and three million hashtags.

Analysis of top 10

Nike continues to reign supreme as the most popular fitness clothing brand with a staggering 152,000,000 hashtags! Since the brand was founded in 1964, the famous Nike Swoosh has been a staple of fitness clothing and continues to grow from strength to strength, collaborating with the most famous athletes across all sports.

Coming in second is the German brand Adidas with 92,583,000 hashtags. It is another brand that has been a stalwart in fitness clothing for decades, and its iconic three stripe logo can be recognised anywhere in the world.

Puma is third with 19,576,800 hashtags, closely followed by GymShark, which has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last few years, and has recently opened its first store in London, with 15,276,800 hashtags.

Completing the top five is New Balance with 13,294,600 hashtags thanks to its range of comfortable and stylish running shoes.

The remaining fve brands are as follows:

  1. Reebok – 12,749,000 hashtags.
  2. Asics – 10,130,600 hashtags.
  3. Under Armour – 6,414,000 hashtags.
  4. LuluLemon – 3,984,000 hashtags.
  5. MyProtein – 2,542,100 hashtags.

OnBuy sought to discover the most popular fitness apparel brands going into 2022 by collating a seed list, having referred to articles sourced from Forbes, GQ, The Manual, Women’s Health, DMARGE, and Trendspotter, citing the brands as the most popular.

The 20 most commonly featured brands were then selected.

OnBuy then searched for hashtags via Instagram, using the 10 most relevant hashtags for each brand, to determine the order of these top 20 brands. The top 10 were then ranked accordingly from highest to lowest.

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