What’s the point? Ricoma 20 needle embroidery machine

Do you remember the days when embroidery machines only had one needle and to change colour you had to rethread the machine each time? It is a fact though that embroidery machines of old were just that – single needle, but oh how things have changed!

Ricoma has just released the world’s first 20 needle single head machine, exclusively available from YES Ltd, offering the user much more scope than was previously possible.

So why is a 20 needle better than say, a 12? Well there are a number of reasons but let’s concentrate on flexibility and profitability. Single head machines are, in general, used for one of two things. Small individual orders or sampling. For the former most embroiderers will offer a standard service which includes a standard selection of thread colours. If, however, the client wants a colour outside of that range then the embroiderer may have to rethread one of the needles just like with the old single needle machines. With the Ricoma MT single head you can have standard range of, for instance, 12 thread colours leaving you a further eight needles for those one-off jobs. This not only makes the machine more flexible but also more profitable because it saves you time and time is money. Further benefits of the extra needles can be exploited when used in conjunction with the high capacity storage that is standard. You can be threading the colours up for the next job, or even the next two jobs, while the current one is embroidering.

Apart from the extra needle capacity the Ricoma MT has a long list of other features including high definition True Colour 8in LCD touch screen, one-step tracing button on the home screen, low wattage servo motor (saving you money), 1200spm, newly developed small sewing arm making the embroidery of caps and small items easier and many many more.

There is no doubt that the Ricoma MT offers a spectacular specification list and will sit comfortably in both an established business and a new start-up embroidery service. Even better is the fact that it is very competitively priced. Exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from YES Ltd you will also benefit from the company’s extensive knowledge and the support of a team that will look after you all the way. Maybe that’s the point.

For more information please contact hello@yesltd.co.uk or call 01623 863343

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