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The Ovaljet has landed at Snuggle

you thought current DTG printing was good; wait until you feast your eyes on the new offering available from Snuggle, which is the first in the UK and Europe to unleash the printing power and prowess of the Ovaljet. Welcome to the new revolution in DTG!

With 14 pallets going around in perfect harmony, utilising revolutionary inks to produce prints closer in quality to screen prints than has ever been digitally achieved before.

Snuggle’s in house software technology paired with the Ovaljet produce mind blowing speeds being able to easily achieve 220 prints per hour, taking Snuggle’s total DTG daily printing capacity up to a staggering 9,000 prints per day.

Incredible printing capabilities

With years of experience in the DTG market Snuggle can cater for customers of all needs utilising the incredible printing capabilities of its DTG arsenal. Now compromising not only Kornit Avalanche HD6 and Atlas printers but also the incredible new Ovaljet the team is confident they can cater for your every need with a printer suited for the correct application. Whether you are just starting out into the DTG market, whether you’re looking for a print on-demand supplier or if you no longer want to screen those long tedious multi-colour short runs, it doesn’t matter what your DTG needs you now know where to go. The proof is really in the pudding with prints so good you will want to make sure you are sitting down before you take a look!

This incredible powerful printing arsenal paired with the skilled, passionate print team at Snuggle means incredible looking garments printed to the very best standards; printed with enthusiasm and dedication to ensure everyone’s satisfaction. Snuggle understands the varied and complex nature of printing for brands and corporations and already works with rights holders around the world. The team has done printing for companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers and is also FAMA approved.

Super-fast turnaround times

UV printing and sublimation mugs have seen year-on-year incredible growth so much so that Snuggle has now had to spread out over four units and is just about to acquire its fifth unit in the merry old city of Peterborough. One entire unit is now dedicated to sublimation mugs. Snuggle uses the Schulze Mug 15-Turbo automatic heat press which was added to the inventory in 2020 and due to the phenomenal success, more are on the way in 2021 to keep up with demand. The Schulze mug press has a production of circa 250 mugs per hour which means incredible quality being achieved in super-fast turnaround times.

The Ovaljet produces prints so good you will want to make sure you are sitting down before you take a look

Snuggle continues to invest heavily into training, equipment, software as well as its talented teams who are the backbone and strength of the company. They work together in synchronised harmony with the array of powerful printing equipment to achieve the very best in printing quality and ensure your satisfaction. Snuggle is dedicated and is a strong believer in service and quality and ensuring each order is treated as its own.

Join Snuggle and the team in welcoming the new revolution in DTG and be prepared for a DTG experience unlike anything you have seen before!


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