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The Honestly Made range is extended for 2021

In an uncertain world you can rest assured Regatta Professional is continuing to provide protective, comfortable and stylish clothing for the outdoors. The outdoor clothing giant has pushed on this summer to add to its already huge offering, creating brand new lines that not only have the wearer in mind but the world too.

There’s not a group, team, individual or industry that Regatta Professional doesn’t cater for. From performance-enhancing sportswear to technologically advanced outerwear for the biggest adventures, Professional’s design department creates the best and most innovative products in the industry.

Sustainability is a subject that should be in everybody’s interests, and it has been a major part of Regatta Professional’s plans this year. The company has created a new range of clothing, sustainably sourced and made to dramatically reduce its (and the wearer’s) impact on the environment. Honestly Made launched towards the end of 2019 and now boasts 11 products, available in a variety of colourways. In the 2021 Honestly Made range you can find bodywarmers, fleeces and protective jackets made entirely from recycled plastic bottles! Incredibly, the recycled pieces are crafted from plastic bottles collected from recycling centres, which are then processed and spun into thread!

Honestly Made is truly sustainable and industry leading. In fact, Professional is the only company in the workwear industry to offer 100% recycled fabrics and insulation. And in spirit of its determination to provide clothing for all, the Honestly Made collection extends to women’s designs too. Something often overlooked by the workwear industry.

Megan Pacey, Regatta Professional’s assistant marketing manager, says: “The demand is there for sustainable clothing and is a real step in the right direction for the workwear industry. Regatta Professional is the first company to provide 100% recycled fabrics and insulation, so we’re very proud of Honestly Made.”

Not stopping there

And Regatta professional haven’t stopped there. The company has continued its innovation to provide products to fight off the winter weather.

Thermogen jackets have in-built battery-operated heating panels

The brand new Thermogen jackets are guaranteed to keep you warm with advanced battery-operated heating panels discreetly stitched into the garments. The Thermogen jackets are ideal for less intense activities where you might need additional warmth other than body heat. The machine washable jackets provide over two hours of continuous heat. And of course, Regatta Professional hasn’t let style slip; the jackets are smart and on-trend with the ever-popular puffer style as an option. What’s more, the battery pack can also be used to charge your phone, so wearers don’t have to worry about running low on juice!

Megan continues: “This is completely new technology for our industry – with our Thermogen jackets we are again showing that we are the forefront of new product development.”

Last but not least

Last but certainly not least in the 2021 offering, Regatta Professional is launching new jackets in its Xpro range.

The innovative jackets have new inbuilt technology; Thermoreflect and Radio-Frequency Identification. Thermoreflect is a lining in the jacket which reflects body heat back onto the wearer, keeping them warmer without the inconvenient bulk of a padded jacket – perfect for busy people on the go. Radio-frequency Identification, or RFID as it is more commonly known, is technology used in retail to prevent identity theft. Regatta Professional has weaved RFID into the chest pockets of the Xpro jackets to stop phones, credit cards and sensitive information being scanned for theft. In a fast-paced world where we often don’t have time to think about our personal information being stolen, RFID technology really puts in the work for the wearer.

Despite the unpredictable nature of 2020 across the globe, Regatta Professional hasn’t faltered in providing world-class clothing for the outdoors and workwear industry.


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