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The Texfinity Garment folding machine

Friedheim Interntaional is perfectly poised to help you with your packing, bagging and folding requirements as we head into 2021.


Sharp Packaging by Pregis manufactures poly bags and flexible packaging equipment, from semi-automatic machines to complete inline, fully automated packaging systems.

When space is an issue, the SX machine is the ideal choice for automating your bagging operations. The all-electric design is easy to use and plugs into any standard outlet for ultimate convenience. With plug and play setup and simple touchscreen controls, the SX is the perfect, turnkey solution for any operation.

The SX Prints unique, variable information on long and short production runs for a variety of projects with a 4in wide print head for a larger print area. Ribbon changes are up to 50% faster, with an out sensor to prevent waste. A cross flow fan channels high volume, low pressure ducted air for precise bag opening with no compressed air required, while an auto tension system eliminates web breakage.

Existing Sharp users have reported seeing their productivity triple, while the quality of their packaging has also increased. Aside from the mail order and e-commerce market, Sharp has seen heavy interest from T shirt printers running a direct-to-consumer service, whereby they produce and deliver a single printed garment direct to the customer.


The Texfinity Garment folding machine is a one-stop shop for garment handling and finishing, exhibiting 30 years of experience from working across the globe. The name symbolises textiles and finishing.

Texfinity is able to sort and fold all kinds of T shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other garments of various length and size. The Texfinity automatically sorts the various pieces based on length, and so pre-sorting is not required. As an option, it can also sort based on width when pieces of the same length exist that needs different kind of folding. Once the pieces are folded, they are directed towards a dedicated, programmable, stacker station. As soon as the required single item or stack is achieved, the pile is put on the final delivery belt (included in the machine). This belt can be located on the left or right side and delivers the piles either to the front or the rear of the machine.

Texfinity features a simple design with standard parts, with an adaptable loading height and a dedicated, programmable stacker station. The machine comes with an industry leading three-year warranty.


Beck Serienpacker enables multi-tasking with its unique four-sided sealing packaging concept.

Owing to the unique wrapping principle employed by the Serienpacker, non-deforming, shapely and tight packages can be produced, either with manual or fully automatic product feeding. The two rolls of film used guarantee that both film and product are permanently guided and controlled during the four-side sealing process. The operator HMI allows for programs to be saved for each product with quick change over of both the film and product within minutes. Films suited to most industries can be processed, including LDPE, Polyolefin and new compostable and biodegradable ranges. The full Beck range is available in various packaging formats with variable working widths and different performance requirements.

Serienpacker SXJ

  • Optimal accessibility; easy adjustment; product data memory.
  • Constantly heated low maintenance sealing systems.
  • Energy saving servo-drive systems.


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