What’s new for women?

Just Ts by AWDis’ Electric Tri-Blend T in electric orange

Are you looking to inject a little bit of style into your offering? Looking to offer the latest fashions for your customers? Here we explore the latest retail trends for women and what this means for the printwear sector.

The printwear market follows the fashions of the retail sector in more ways than one. Earlier in the year Vogue unveiled the biggest spring/summer 2020 trends, but how many of these can be seen across ranges in our market?

According to Vogue, neon is the colour of the season. Think luminous greens, pinks, yellows and oranges. Although at the moment this shade is predominantly seen in performance Ts from brands such as Gildan, SPIRO and Fruit of the Loom, these bright colours are slowly making their way into more fashion-led styles. Just Ts by AWDis has recently added the Electric Tri-Blend T to its range, which is available in four colourways; electric green, electric orange, electric pink and electric yellow, providing a statement tee among this capsule collection of T shirts.

If neon wasn’t bright enough for you, Vogue says that tropical prints are one to watch out for this spring/ summer. These bold and in your face prints are big on the cawalk at the moment. Although perhaps a little bold for the printwear market, this could be one to watch or even to suggest as a sublimated print?

Another big trend at the moment is what Vogue is calling a ‘blank slate’. This goes without saying for the printwear market, the plainer the garment, the more space there is for decoration. Moving swiftly on.

Keep on eye on

Familiar with the cut out and keep style? Perhaps you recall the cold shoulder trend of a few years ago? Well, this summer sees T shirts and tops designed with cut outs which expose a small section of the wearers stomach or side. The printwear sector isn’t quite there with this fashion trend, with the closest to this trend being cropped hoodies or cropped fit T shirts. Maybe keep your eye on this style ready for spring/ summer 2021.

Jeans are back in a big way this spring/ summer, according to Vogue. Even double denim is not to be frowned upon as denim shirts and denim jackets now seen as a key addition to any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. If you are looking to inspire your style-conscious customers with this current trend, seek out So Denim by AWDis as your go-to denim brand for denim shirts, jeans and jackets.

So Denim by AWDis’ Lucy Denim Shirt in dark blue wash

And finally, fashion trends are cyclical, we all know that. Well in 2020, it’s the return of the 70s. According to Vogue, this season’s 70s-inflected pieces are more wearable than ever before, thanks to a plethora of streamlined suits and easy-to-wear midi dresses. This trend is yet to seep into the printwear market, but there’s no reason why in future seasons you won’t see wide leg trousers or sharp collared shirts.

According to Vogue, corporatewear is also seeing a bit of a shake up this spring/ summer. Suit shorts, waistcoats, shirts and trench coats are high on the agenda. Check out the latest addition to Brook Taverner’s range for something a little different. The Nashville tweed waistcoat provides an on-trend option for the hospitality and services industries. Premier has a great selection of new shirts added to its collection for 2020, which can be both dressed up and dressed down. Take for example the cotton-rich Oxford stripes blouse, which was deigned with narrow vertical stripes for a touch of high street inspiration.

There are plenty of brands within the printwear market that have their finger on the pulse of fashion, so there is no reason why you cannot keep your offering on-trend.

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