What’s new for the rest of 2019?

Direct Color Systems’ 1800BG

Green button DTG and UV systems, DuPont and Kodak DTG inks at unbeatable prices and a barcode scanning pre-treatment machine are just a few of the what’s new at Resolute in 2019.

From vacuum beds to automatic pre-treatment machine nozzle cleaning Resolute’s new Green Button systems for both DTG and now UV are taking the industry by storm.

With two new flatbed UV systems, the long-awaited Ricoh Ri 1000 and a pre-treatment machine with barcode scanning, there are plenty of new products for 2019.

1800S and 1800BG UV flatbed printers

The popular 1800z UV flatbed printer from Direct Color Systems has been upgraded bringing two new models to market.

The new 1800BG (braille and graphics) model is fitted as standard with a vacuum bed for quick and simple placement of sign substrates. Also included in the BG model is the software to produce braille and tactile signs, a patented process exclusive to DCS machines.

With a print area of 304x609mm and substrate depth of 51mm it handles a wide range of sizes and thickness with ease. The 1800s model takes over directly from the 1800z with various upgrades generic to both models. A more powerful UV lamp fitted as standard allows for faster printing speeds of up to 20%. An increase in the bulk ink tanks also allows for 650ml of onboard ink per colour. The new white ink circulation system automatically purges air without wasting ink or requiring any input from the operator.

Last but not least, Resolute has negotiated better pricing on both models which are significant savings over the previous models.

Green button DTG printing systems

Resolute’s green button DTG systems are a combination of the very latest products working in harmony to help reduce labour costs while improving throughput.

The DTG printers Resolute’s uses are the very latest from Ricoh, starting with the newly launched RicohRi 1000, a DTG printer that out performs most of its rivals with a much lower price point. One of the main features of the Ri 1000 is its ability to perform a high proportion of its own maintenance with little intervention required from the operator.

Like the flagship Ri 6000, the Ri 1000 also benefits from using Ricoh industrial print heads. The jetting capabilities are 1200x1200dpi across all eight channels producing sharp vibrant prints in less than 30 seconds, depending on which print mode is used. Three platen sizes are available, which attach magnetically reducing setup times with no mechanical clips or screws that can suffer from wear and tear.

Ricoh Ri 6000

The blisteringly fast Ri 6000 uses stainless steel print heads and is capable of producing hundreds of dark prints per day.

Its speed comes from its 12 industrial jetting channels spread across six stainless steel print heads, not found in any other DTG printer of this size the Ri 6000 is a true production printer. Coupling either of these two production DTG printers to the Viper MAXX creates a unique system that is very productive and scalable.

Viper MAXX

Viper MAXX

Resolute has taken the smoke and mirrors away from the pre-treatment process by introducing the only pre-treatment machine capable of spraying a user defined area.

This system works like a three-axis printer, using a spray nozzle instead of a printhead it can place the solution in a very accurate area with no waste or overspray. As it works like a printer, it can of course perform automatic maintenance reducing operator time required with other systems.

The quality of pre-treatment on garments including hoodies is the best Resolute has seen to date, but the icing on the cake, is barcode scanning allowing integration into workflow systems.

New Kodak DTG inks

Early in 2019 Resolute secured a contract with Kodak to manufacture its new high quality DTG inks, pre-treatments and cleaning products for the UK and European market.

This exclusive deal brings a high quality made in England product to the UK that will not be affected by Brexit. The full product range is listed and available to order online. For OEM enquiries please contact Resolute’s sales department on the details below.

01246 202686

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