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You can visit Amaya on a one to one basis and discuss your requirements with an expert. The team will then demonstrate the most suitable equipment and let you have a test run to make sure you are satisfied.

In the Nottingham showrooms, the team can show you the latest in Melco modular embroidery machines, Polyprint Texjet DTG printers and Pre-treaters, Roland Print & Cut and UV Printers, OKI white toner printers and Forever transfer paper, Sef garment film and Stahls’ heat presses.

Amaya also has a second showroom set up especially for Kornit Digital DTG printers and Chiossie Cavazutti tunnel dryers. We invite potential customers to bring their own garments to test fully these high production industrial DTG printers in a working environment.

DTG printers

Whether you are a new starter in DTG or require industrial high production DTG, Amaya has the answer to your requirement. Polyprint, manufacturer of the popular Texjet Echo2, has created a mainly trouble-free printer that can output around 80-100 per eight-hour shift. It requires very little maintenance, can be switched off for around 30 days without flushing, has a very economic cost per print and gives an excellent print quality at up to 41x60cm size. Polyprint also produces the Texjet Shortee 2 with a smaller print area. The company has also released a top level pre-treater called Pretreater Pro which has been produced to alleviate issues with older types.

If you require to print circa 1,000 per shift then Amaya can offer you fully industrial Kornit Digital range of equipment. All the models have built in pre-treatment which allows for more production and less manpower. They also have the lowest cost per print available. If you are a screen printer and your normal order size is around 500 then please come and see a demonstration on how you can save money and save on labour.

The latest HD products are the Kornit Atlas, Kornit Avalanche and the Kornit Storm all giving different levels of production topped up with the Kornit Vulcan Plus, the ultimate in high speed DTG printing. So, if your requirement is for sustainable low cost DTG production then give Amaya a call or head online.

Embroidery machines

Have you ever looked at your embroidery production and worked out the cost of your machine down time? Heads switched off on a multi-head because of smaller orders, time lost when setting up a new production run and changing threads, etc.

More and more embroiderers are realising that the Melco EMT16 Plus modular system drastically improves their efficiency and production. A big advantage of this system is that you can add on more production as you need it or split your production up to suit your ever-changing orders. Come for a demonstration and let the team show you how you can reduce your downtime. Remember, the money you save on less downtime could more than pay for new Melco modular machines.

Print & Cut and UV printers

Amaya offers a great range of Roland print and cut and UV printers. Let Amaya’s Roland experts demonstrate how you can build your business with the latest Roland equipment. Fill a gap in your business with these versatile and productive printers from a leading manufacturer.

White toner printers and transfer paper

Amaya offers the Oki Pro 9541WT A3+, Oki Pro 8432WT A3 and the Oki Pro 7411WT A4 white toner printers. You can use these printers with the Forever transfer paper to print full colour on to dark and light garments and many different substrates. The latest Pro 9541WT is the world’s first five-colour CMYK + White or Clear Gloss Toner.

The Forever paper is very easy to use and gives high quality prints and very fine lettering. There are many different types of paper for various applications. The most popular sellers are the Forever Laser Dark which is used for full colour printing on to dark garments and Forever Flex Soft for single colour complex designs. Remember there is no weeding.

Garment film and vinyl                                               

Amaya offers a full range of Sef garment films which give easy weeding, a high-quality finish, eco-friendly and at a low cost.

Heat presses

Amaya offers a wide range of high-quality presses including the popular Fusion IQ and Hotronix Auto Open.

Whatever your requirements let Amaya’s specialists demonstrate and advise on the best equipment to help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

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