What will you print? Discover the creative, lucrative world of UV print

UV printing is one of the most flexible print processes ever created and its uses are almost limitless. It is an essential tool for businesses designing or supplying promotional items, gifts, customised garments and accessories, sportswear and equipment, and more.

Thanks to UV ink’s compatibility with an extraordinary array of materials, it allows businesses to offer a vast range of products to their customers. These include leather luggage tags, bottles, phone cases, travel mugs, electrical appliances, musical instruments, notebooks, photo frames, USB sticks, golf balls and keyrings – to name a few.

This opens markets to businesses across a wide spectrum, from creative minds to companies looking for significant ROI potential. Alternatively, UV printing has enabled many companies to specialise in very niche areas, becoming leaders in small but lucrative fields.

Roland DG, the innovators behind the VersaUV LEF series of UV-LED print devices, have made it easy to enter the UV printing market with ‘Digital Benchtop UV Printing: What Will You Print?’, a free 40-page guide exploring this exciting technology.

The guide – free to download from the Roland website – introduces VersaUV LEF printers and their key features for promotional businesses: thanks to the combination of innovative CMYK+Wh inks, low-heat curing, an optional primer and variable data processing, it’s possible to add customised print directly to all kinds of items from the everyday to the unusual. And it’s not just colourful graphics and photographs: VersaUV features clear gloss to add highlights or, when printed in layers, produce genuine textures, raised text and special effects.

The guide also features case studies on successful Roland VersaUV users including Baart, who weathered the 2008 financial crisis by diversifying with personalised drum equipment, and Oakdene Designs, who built a business producing unique decorative items such as illuminated photo frames, street signs and bamboo decorations.

‘Digital Benchtop UV Printing: What Will You Print?’ will inform and inspire printwear and promotional product specialists to push their boundaries.

View the ‘Digital Benchtop UV Printing: What Will You Print?’ guide here.

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