What we use: Result Genuine Recycled

The ISS team wearing the R500X

Result Clothing is a brand that Industrial Workwear trusts. Here, Shane Parkins, Industrial Workwear’s e-commerce manager, explains why they chose to add Genuine Recycled to their product line-up.

Industrial Workwear is ranked the UK’s number one Work Clothes Store according to Trustpilot, providing our customers PPE, workwear, branded uniforms and expert advice.

One of our customers, Integrated Service Solutions, recently rolled out recycled workwear to around 30 of their staff and we were tasked with helping.

ISS is an innovative service provider operating primarily within the Fresh Produce sector in the UK, with annual revenues of £35m and over 450 people across 120,000sq ft site at Teynham and 74,000sq ft site at Linton.

ISS was looking for something bright, warm and water-resistant to keep staff safe in a busy yard. We provided samples of the Result Genuine Recycled range as an ideal candidate. The recycled material aligned exceptionally well with both Industrial Workwear and ISS’ core values of helping the environment. Other brands are available but Result has been a key supplier brand for us, through support, explaining technology and allowing us to be competitive.

Huge hit

The R500X Ripstop Padded Safety Jacket was the chosen jacket for ISS. The texture you may associate with recycled high visibility clothing is rigid, but this garment feels soft in the hands and on the wearer, very comfortable and a huge hit with our customers.

Bethan Fever, ISS’ supply chain manager, told us: “Our team is very happy with the quality and practicality around the jacket. It keeps them warm and dry even in the very unseasonable weather we’ve been experiencing recently. As the department head, I am confident that they are visible to all drivers operating in the area which keeps them safer.”

Trusted brand

We trust Result, the brand has a great ability of breaking down complex terminology and technology and gives us the ability to understand it, relaying this over to our customers. We felt the brand aligned with us, in the sense it went above and beyond what it needed to do in order to provide a genuinely recycled product.

I remember when we started putting Result Genuine Recycled into our range, sat around a table with various members of the team, arriving at a mutual decision to really put all of our weight behind recycled workwear. We wanted to change the narrative on workwear; it can keep people safe, branded, looking professional and can also be good for the environment. We hope suppliers take note of this and really challenge their inner workings to develop more environmentally-focused ranges, you’ve got a distributor here who is willing to drive it to some of the largest brands in the UK.

This project was considered a wearer trial, but feedback was good and we’re pending a further rollout of other items.

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