What should you be wearing?

Premier Workwear provides a look at what each sector of the hospitality industry should wear to provide a lasting impression and how you can inspire your customers.

The UK hospitality market is set to be worth an incredible £82.8 billion this year as hungry Brits choose to hang up their apron strings and leave it to the professionals.

In the last 20 years the UK has enjoyed a social revolution where eating out one or twice a week is considered the norm, with informal and casual dining concepts emerging as customer favourites.

Food may be served up in a more relaxed environment, but our palate is more sophisticated than ever with culinary influences from around the world tantalising our taste buds. From oriental buffets to grab-and-go street food, hotel dining rooms to gastro pubs, an estimated 2.7 million people are employed in the industry, making hospitality the fifth biggest employer in the UK. One in four of us have worked in the industry at some point in our lives – but what on earth were we wearing?

Most establishments insist on staff wearing a uniform of sorts; a uniform that helps create an impression of order and efficiency which is paramount in the food and beverage industry. With such an eclectic mix of establishments comes an unprecedented demand for varied and practical uniform solutions for service staff.

From bartenders, waiters and baristas to pot washers, cooks and Michelin starred chefs, Premier Clothing offers the industry a collection of hospitality wear that is unrivalled and the company would like to demonstrate some innovative and interesting ways that you can build out a staff uniform using pieces from the fabulous 2015 collection. You can use these ideas to help inspire customers and help them to make informed, appropriate and above all, exciting uniform choices for 2015.

Coffee shop and barista staff COFFEE SHOP_Blank

Since the well-known coffee brands hit high streets in the ‘90s, the country has been whipped into a frenzy of ‘mocha-choca–frappacinos’. According to the BBC, we spend an average of spend £2,000 a year on getting our much needed caffeine hits. Mix and match with brown, chestnut and cream tones to create a warm look that screams ‘double expresso’.



Café, delicatessen and takeaway CAFE_TAKEAWAY_Blank

The demand for food on the go is more popular than ever. Fresh sandwiches and cream cakes served in a deli to fish and chips from the takeaway – everyone serving in this industry will need suitable protective clothing.



Afternoon tea and silver service AFTERNOON TEA_Blank

Traditionally a pastime undertaken by only the wealthy, afternoon tea is now served by many hotels and not seen a decadent as it perhaps once was. However, many establishments serving afternoon tea do try to uphold the tradition of dressing in smart attire using bow ties and waistcoats. Afterall, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of decadence every now and then.



Gastro pubGASTRO PUB_Blank

A venue that is trendy and modern serving high quality food, wines, cocktails and beers in an informal atmosphere. Staff normally reflect this service in their dress – fashionable and casual but effortlessly smart at the same time.



Continental and bistro styleCONTINENTAL_Blank

It’s hard to define an obvious continental style as so many establishments create menus that have influences from all four corners of the globe. Think quirky Latino dining to elegant Parisian bistros and everything in between. Premier suggests splashes of vibrant colour with neat sharp lines to the uniform that helps create a tailored look.

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