What makes a truly great ink?

The Evolution range
The Evolution range

To the casual observer, screen printing inks may all seem pretty similar. And if your take into consideration the vast array of ink choices on the market you might be forgiven for wondering how the average screen printer can discern the differences and reach a decision about which product to purchase.

Help is at hand though. Look for the philosophy behind the brand, rather than perhaps using price or familiarity with an existing ink as key decision factors and you will uncover the ethos of the products. This is how Dalesway Print Technology selected Canadian ink manufacturer Lancer as a partner. Lancer is a company that constantly strives to exceed all safety standards for screen printing inks, often way in advance of legally being required to do so.

This is how the Evolution PVC free ink range came into being. Offering all the benefits of plastisol screen printing ink in terms of ease of handling but with no phthalates or PVC, the Evolution range has been approved by top brand Nike for use on its products. Evolution also meets the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and is fully REACH compliant with test results to prove it.

If your print application does not demand the use of PVC free ink, the Excalibur range from Lancer offers an alternative that contains no heavy metals, azo dyes, phthalates or other nasties. This ensures safety for printers and end users who wear the printed products.

Dalesway also supplies an excellent range of screen printing consumables made by Prodecran in France. The company selected the Eco range of on-press wash and ink degraders, while the emulsion remover range includes the very popular gel, ready-to-use liquid and  a powder which is mixed by the user, hence is very economical to use.

Customers that have used the Net Gel haze remover praise the performance of the product and the range of emulsions have been proven as exceptional in usability and performance during in-house training sessions for the three-day Screen Printing A to Z Class with Douglas Grigar.

For more information call 03303 500524 or visit www.zooprint.co.uk

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