What makes a good men’s T?

M68 in college green
M68 in college green

It’s a topic that the team over at Mantis World discusses fairly regularly and it’s true to say that the conclusion is pretty much the same each time. Let’s face it, the T is a staple part of any man’s wardrobe now and it would be a tough task to find someone who had never actually owned one. Indeed, in this industry in which so much business is conducted around T shirts, Mantis World would hope that the message that the T can be worn for any occasion is well understood.

On the surface, the T shirt hasn’t really changed much from when it first came to being back in the early/ mid 20th century. It’s still comprised of a front, a back and a couple of sleeves and white is still one of, if not the, most popular colours.

So, what makes a good T? First and foremost the fit: short sleeves should indeed be short and not elbow length, the neck a comfortable fit that neither looks nor feels like an elasticated tourniquet, the overall shape body skimming and neither voluminous nor suggestive of sausage skin. Then, the fabric: the men’s T is not in the world of fast fashion or one season wonders. The T shirt should last, should offer the wearer the potential to wash and wear over many years before being resigned to the window-cleaning cloth pile, so it’s important to consider the fabric weight. Too heavy and it will become stiff and board-like, too thin and it’s going to become lifeless. In each of these cases, it means it won’t be worn as much, which isn’t great for those wanting their logos or prints or garment decoration to be actually seen.

With the basics set, it’s now a case of discovering the detail that best suits your needs. Mantis World’s Men’s T range have all been based around the classic criteria though with an additional twist. It’s this attention to detail; as per the Superstar Range of peach-soft premium products or the wash treatments given to make the new Vintage men’s T that can provide that vital difference; the spark which elevates the T to being the go-to garment of choice. And with Mantis’ Superstar range and the sought after Vintage T both having tear off back neck labels and Oeko-Tex accreditation governing what chemicals are used during the production process, surely it’s about time the T shirt was given the respect and consideration it’s due.

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