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There is no doubt that over the past few years direct to garment printing has come into its own. Initially it was developed to satisfy a smallish demand of one off prints but, in doing this, it has created a growing marketplace specific to this operation.

Printing directly onto a T shirt is now commonplace in the garment decoration market and these machines can be found in embroiderers, screen printers and point of sale establishments such as souvenir shops. The problem is that the market seems to have stagnated to a certain degree with users thinking about today more than tomorrow. Yes, there is lots of market out there for the popular use of direct to garment printing machines but why stop there when there are so many other everyday items that can benefit from this service? Well, the main reason is the print area. Yes, there are lots of items that are made from materials suitable for printing but, unfortunately, they are generally too big to be printed or to be mounted on the machine. At least that was the case.

With the introduction of the M Series Industrial machines from DTG Digital it is now just as easy to print these larger items as it is to print a T shirt. These machines come in a variety of sizes with the biggest, the M6 Industrial, having a print area, up to, 1150x750mm. To put that in T shirt terms you would be able to load three, six or 12 shirts depending on size.

To put it in other terms, it would give you the ability to print those large items that you had to say no to before. Items such as bed linen, bags, denims, table linen, flags, banners, the list goes on. You can even attach a conveyor system to this machine allowing for continuous printing. The beauty of all of the models, regardless of size, is that you can still handle the small individual order at no extra set up cost. They work in exactly the same way as the smaller machines they just offer more flexibility.

As if that wasn’t enough, DTG Digital has now launched the QM8 Industrial which has a print area of 1900x800mm making it one of the biggest machines on the market that can still economically print a single garment. Add to that the new QM8 can produce four printed shirts in less than a minute and you can see why DTG Digital is the market leader. If you want to take a look at this in action check it out here.

Finally it has to be worth a mention that the only other machines on the market that can compete with this level of productivity are two to three times more expensive. So, what are you waiting for? If you are considering a direct to garment printer you definitely need to look at the DTG Digital M Series.

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