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The DTG market has seen the most explosive 12 months in its history. Things will never be the same again. Julian Wright, sales director and DTG specialist from Amaya Sales UK, details how you can capitalise.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the best part of a year, the pandemic has created the most seismic shift in consumer buying habits since the online boom a number of years ago.

The main reason? We had no choice. We have been forced to purchase anything other than essential goods online and now most leading experts believe we will never go back to our old buying ways.

It’s no secret, existing online apparel e-tailers saw huge growth last year. And so did a vast number of independent fashion brands that established themselves online, and leveraged a captivated social media audience.

Take advantage

So, with a surge in customers shopping for apparel online with a specific rise in casual lounge wear, athleisure and sportswear, how do the best of the best take advantage and differentiate themselves from the rest? Peel Hunt analyst John Stevenson comments this is down to a mix of newness, content, engagement and a really strong customer experience.

The print-on-demand platform enables this ‘newness’. It enables a brand to react almost instantly to a trend and it can keep customer engagement consistently high because of the flexibility print-on-demand brings.

DTG systems coupled with an end-to-end workflow solution are critical to making this possible in the apparel sector. DTG enables a stockless system where the whim of the consumer can be accommodated overnight.

How do you take advantage of this technology and capitalise on what is being dubbed ‘the digital revolution’ for apparel-based printing? Try considering the following:

  • Current in-house printing requirements or daily output needs.
  • Projected printing requirements – what could this look like if you could offer endless flexibility to your current/ future customers?

The answers to these questions will put you in a good position to establish the right system for you. There are a number of suppliers and manufacturers occupying this space with varying production abilities and it’s worth mentioning at this point that these systems can vary somewhat in cost per print too.

Choosing the right partner to assist you on this journey will make all the difference. A partner that has a wealth of experience in this sector and one that can support, with the right equipment, no matter what your production needs are at this stage. Some key questions to ask might be the following:

  • How long has the supplier been working in this specific market?
  • What equipment can they offer as your DTG demands increase?
  • Can they support you with the right products at the right time, from entry level to a mass customisation solution?
  • Do they understand and can they support you with an end-to-end workflow solution to get the best from your equipment?
  • What is the ‘actual’ output and cost per print of each system? This needs to be all encompassing and not just an ink cost.
  • Do they have a dedicated technical support network with a swift UK based consumables and parts supply chain?
  • Do they discuss and make you aware of the ‘actual’ running costs of the equipment they recommend.

Now really is the right time to get into the print-on-demand and DTG arena.

The move to a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective platform where the options to your customers are almost endless, is only going one way. The right solution for you may be more affordable than you think, and in today’s market, more necessary than you think.

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