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The Ricoma TC-8S singe head machine

YES Group is the main distributor for Ricoma embroidery machines in the UK and Ireland supplying the very latest models and attachments as they are launched to the market, worldwide.

Ricoma has taken significant strides in the industry, since inception, helping the decoration business succeed, with all products being given a makeover that reflects the brand’s innovative edge and identity.

The Ricoma brand has very quickly established itself in the UK and Ireland. If you are looking to expand your embroidery business while preserving capital, YES Group now stocks Ricoma’s most innovative four-, six- and 12- multi-head embroidery machines.

It is no secret why customers choose YES Group as their trusted source for Ricoma embroidery equipment. The company recognises that providing a good customer experience and well-versed communications, means YES has created a loyal, well established customer base.

Working with fashion startups and more established embroidery studios, the team’s advice has always been, ‘develop and scale-up your production capacity as early as possible,’ with innovative embroidery add-ons. However, choosing the right equipment will always depend on where your niche market is!

The team understand that buying your first industrial embroidery machine or adding another model to your existing workshop can be a significant step. Thankfully, YES Group is here to help you through the buying process.

So, what does your embroidery business really need?

If your answer is: Economic, flexibility and production ready industrial machine with network capabilities, then YES Group’s solution is the Ricoma TC-8S singe head machine as its perfect for those just beginning their startup journey.

The compact field, single head is at home embroidering: Ts, polos, caps, jeans, in fact just about anything that you can get on the machine. Competitively priced, the Ricoma TC-8S comes with an impressive specification including 1,200spm stitching speed, 8in HD LCD touch screen control panel, automatic thread trimming, low noise, low vibration step motors and not forgetting, network and WiFi capability, with running cost at just 150w.

Or, if you are looking to increase your productivity, YES Group suggests the Ricoma CHT2 Series tubular multi-head embroidery machines with high-definition true colour 10.4in touch screen available in up to 12 heads, ideal for businesses of all sizes.

And, for state-of-the-art true embroidery technology; businesses can develop their embroidery studios and workshops with the Ricoma CHT2 four-head and six-head machines, while established businesses can really scale up their production with the Ricoma CHT2 eight-head and 12-head embroidery machines.

If your studio is focused on bespoke and direct-to-consumer selling, let the team talk about your niche production requirements. If, for instance, you are targeting millennials interested in wearing beautiful designs with embroidery embellishments. Have you considered adding Ricoma’s sequin device, boring device or cording device?

These easy-to-use attachments will enable you to create beautiful and innovative designs on small or large-scale production runs within an extremely fast turnaround.

YES Group only recommends the most respected embroidery machines in the industry. The team personalise your training, so you waste no time in getting either your business started or you are adding new creative embroidery skills to your studio.


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