Wanting a better insight into screen printing with the GOCCOPRO

goccopro 2Each month find out more with Derek Muller of GOCCOPRO UK.

Q) So Derek, what first attracted you to becoming the UK distributor for the GOCCOPRO, an area of business you have not really been involved in before?

A) That is a good question and I realise that today I would have the same answer now as I would when I started three years ago. I love its simplicity, I love its user-friendliness, I love the exceptionally quick turn around times, I love the efficiency of the whole system, I love how easy it is to create additional revenue and I love how a complete screen printing novice like me can print amazing quality images with just 10 minutes training.

What I didn’t realise was how the screen printing business has become so entrenched in its ways. The need for large block solids simple silhouette images is what customers expect to see when screen printing. This is because the original way screens are made can only make screens like this, unless you have an expensive screen making set up. This has a great look and is very much a style all of its own but with a GOCCOPRO you can really change the type of artwork you print. You can give your customers so much more

What is surprising is even when customers have a ground breaking system for screen printing they tend to print traditional artwork.

Q) What would you like to see?

A) I would love to see more interesting GOCCOPRO halftone screen printing out there that really makes you say wow! We have tried to make a few simple videos that show just what can be done. Check them out HERE and then show us what you can do.

For more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or email sales@goccopro.co.uk

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