Wanting a better insight into screen printing with the GOCCOPRO

UntitledEach month find out more with Derek Muller of GOCCOPRO UK.

Q) So Derek as you have just come back from your fourth Printwear & Promotion LIVE! as the UK distributor for the GOCCOPRO, what has changed over these years?

A) Wow. Just thinking this is our fourth year is scary, where does the time go? What has been amazing coming into this industry is how long it took people to catch on to what we were offering. It’s like customers thought this is too good to be true and can’t be that good. I think they also looked at our new fresh faces and thought we don’t know them lets wait and see what happens. So here we are over three years later and I have been amazed at how people have all of a sudden are getting involved with the GOCCOPRO systems.

I don’t mind saying we only sold one machine in the first 10 months and even after that it was very slow going. I also don’t mind telling you that I already sold four systems in February before we even got to P&P LIVE! with customers phoning up and wanting to buy the system So I guess customers know now who we are and what a great product it is we are selling.

Both great GOCCOPRO machines were on show at P&P LIVE! and I hope you are now considering just what they can add to your business.

Q) If our readers missed your demos at P&P LIVE! how can they see just what they do?

A) To answer this question easily I have included a link within this article which will take you to our YouTube channel where you can watch the complete GOCCOPRO 100 Demo. Each system you can go from computer to high detailed printed garment in under 10 minutes. We make our videos in real time and in one take so you can see everything happen just as it would for you. We don’t make these videos too flashy, they are an honest record of what you yourself can do. So why not sit back with a cuppa and a biscuit and watch our online demo. It may just turn out to be the most profitable 10 minutes you ever have. You will also find the demo of the Qs200 on our YouTube channel

Thanks for more information on the GOCCOPRO 100 please call 01341 654 4304 or email sales@goccopro.co.uk

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