Virtual embroidery, the next frontier

It was 50 years ago that man dared to take that incredible journey and walk on the moon, and the spacesuits they wore will never be forgotten. Emblazoned with badges to signify NASA, the mission and the United States, it would take another decade before they too witnessed a technological advancement and were created on a computer using Wilcom software for machine embroidery. NASA badges are still all created using the very latest Wilcom software.

Today, Wilcom has taken another leap forward with EmbroideryStudio, creating virtual embroidery. A digitised design can be exported as a high-resolution PNG file with a transparent background. This image simulates the look of real stitches and sequins using their unique TrueView technology.

The exported design can now be printed on soft fabrics or paper using processes such as screen printing, sublimation, dye/heat transfers, Direct-To-Garment printing and more. The benefit is that you have a life-like virtual embroidery design printed on an item for a fraction of the time and cost versus real embroidery. It has the embroidered textured look yet soft and smooth to the touch.

Take it to the next level with multi-decoration by combining standard vector print together with both virtual embroidery print and real embroidery. The final product looks more exciting than traditional design printing and adds real value to the final product.

Wilcom’s newest flagship EmbroideryStudio e4.2 includes virtual embroidery as a standard feature and now supports a 600dpi resolution. There are also new multi-decoration features coming soon.

So, for your next adventure, why not take your embroidery business further and include virtual embroidery?

Try it for yourself and download the PNG printable NASA design here.

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