Version 8.504 is now live

DecoNetwork has all the tools you need to sell online and work remotely. Recently, DecoNetwork released its new update which added new features and implemented multiple user requests. This new update is jam-packed with requested features, major speed, performance, and productivity improvements for all users.

  • BTC activewear LIVE ORDERING: DecoNetwork’s BTC activewear catalogue integration now includes the option to submit purchase orders through the Live Ordering feature. With Live Ordering you see stock availability and up-to-date pricing, while purchase orders are sent directly to BTC activewear.
  • Calendar view: In DecoNetwork, production jobs can now be viewed on a calendar and arranged with easy drag-and-drop. The added feature enables users to schedule and reschedule production dates with ease. This new calendar is the way forward with its day view, week view, and month view options, making it easier than ever to keep track of projects.
  • Company accounts: Send account statements and bills to the company instead of individual contacts. This added feature helps users streamline communications with all contacts from within the same company and even assign roles to each contact. The flexibility with roles allows you to more easily work with your B2B customers and easily stay in touch.
  • Shipstation: ShipStation has landed! DecoNetwork now integrates with ShipStation to pass order information and automatically mark orders as shipped when completed in ShipStation. The new ShipStation integration makes the communications and shipping process smoother than ever before, giving licensees more time to spend growing your business.
  • Quote Mode: For licensees wanting to remove pricing from the front-end website altogether, the latest update offers the ability to change a web store to Quote Mode, which takes customer concepts from the designer and submits them as a quote request. Quote requests can then be priced and sent to the customer for approval. Once approved, quotes can be converted to orders and payments can then be processed.
  • Faceted Search Widget: The Faceted Search Widget is now available on the Blank Products Page, which lets consumers perform faceted searches by filtering for the price, color, brand, size, and more. Connecting online shoppers to the exact product they are looking for has never been this easy.
  • As low as pricing: Display the lowest possible price. Another great feature to make its way into this new update is the ability to display the lowest possible blank product price by including all applicable volume discounts and decoration price tables. This new feature not only allows licensees to communicate a more accurate price but become more competitive as well.
  • Website Builder: DecoNetwork’s Website Builder continues to receive ongoing support in this new update. With its ease of use, licensees can effortlessly build a mobile-friendly website integrated with supplier products, custom price tables, the online designer, and more, all with easy to use drag-and-drop widgets.
  • DecoNetwork Essential: DecoNetwork has introduced Essentials as a new subscription option with the entry-level decorator in mind. The introduction of Essentials makes it easier than ever for print and embroidery budget-conscious startups and small businesses to access DecoNetwork’s powerful line of essential tools. As businesses grow and onboard new staff, managing it all can at times be challenging. With DecoNetwork Essentials, subscribers can upgrade at any time, unlocking a wider set of e-commerce and production tools, built to meet the demands of a growing business.

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