Vastex upgrades its C-1000 Semi-Automatic Screen Coater

The new panel
The new panel


Less than one year since its introduction, the Vastex C-1000 Semi-Automatic Screen Coater has been upgraded with a digital voltmeter that allows the operator to easily dial in a specific coating speed based on the voltage reading for consistent, repeatable results.

Also new is a redesigned top screen clamp that can accommodate screens as small as 25cm and up to 90cm in height with virtually no width limitation, for greater design flexibility. The spring-loaded clamp securely holds wood, aluminum and retensionable frames up to 5kg.

The new screen coater is also equipped with a larger and more powerful motor that provides smoother motion and handles heavier screens.

The screen coater functions by causing the screen to descend at a steady rate using a foot pedal control, allowing a scoop coater to be held more steadily using two hands than possible with one-handed manual methods.

The rate at which the screen travels during the downward coating stroke can be adjusted according to emulsion viscosity, screen mesh and emulsion thickness to output as many as 50 screens per hour, each with three coats of emulsion.

Uniform application of emulsions can overcome blotchy screen exposures and inconsistent ink deposition, allowing screen printers of every type and size to boost quality, cut rejects and save time at low cost.

The wall-mount design saves floor space and is available in 110- or 240-volt models.

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