Vastex expands V-1000 economy press line to eight stations, eight colours

Vastex economy V-1000-88 manual screen printing press is expandable up to eight stations and eight colours, and accommodates pallets up to 50x60cm, vacuum pallets, and the company’s clamp-on DiGiT athletic numbering attachments

Vastex has expanded its V-1000 economy line of manual, commercial-grade screen printing presses with a new eight-station, eight-colour V-1000-88 model.

Mark Vasilantone, president, said: “The new V-1000-88 is the only eight-colour manual screen printing press in its class, and costs hundreds less than competitive eight-colour presses while offering greater rigidity and a three-year warranty.”

The rear-clamp press features rubber-coated steel pallets and a unique floating head design that allows all-heads-down printing. With six-way head leveling and tool-free micro registration, it is said to deliver precise multi-colour registration previously limited to machines of significantly higher cost.

The five-leg frame with interconnecting service pan provides greater structural integrity and tip resistance than four-leg designs, permitting the addition of pallets and accessories too large or heavy for other presses in this price range.

Because the design is modular, the frame can be ordered with any number of print heads and pallet arms, allowing smaller shops to minimise initial cost, and add stations and colours when needs increase.

Mr Vasilantone added: “The V-1000-88 is the first press of its kind for shops on a budget to reduce up-front investment without the risk of out-growing the equipment when high capacity, production flexibility or special effects are required.”

A fully expanded Model V-1000-88 press with eight stations and eight heads can be set up to boost output on a single job, or to print multiple jobs simultaneously. It accepts over 50 Vastex pallets including oversized pallets to 50x60cm for over-sized prints, and heavyweight vacuum pallets for transfers, signage and flat stock.

Strength of the frame and print heads enables the press to support screens up to 60x80cm as well as the company’s clamp-on DiGiT Athletic Numbering System that uses two screens with five numbers each for one-colour numbers, or four screens for two-colour numbers.

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