UV printing

UV printing has been around a while but never like this.

The new Compress iUV range of machines has redefined this method of decoration. Both in terms of the equipment and the process UV printing has never been more affordable that it is with the Compress iUV range of machines. One of the things that sets these machines apart is the ink delivery system.

Whereas other machines use a cartridge system the iUV machines use a bulk ink feed system which can result in a 30% – 40% saving. A bulk feed system also removes the delays often seen when changing cartridges – all in all a much better system. The machines are configured with eight heads which can be set up in a variety of different ways depending on need. You could, for instance, have four CMYK and four white or four CMYK, two white, one clear topcoat and one jettable primer.

Foil printing can also easily be achieved with this range of machines expanding the flexibility of the machine even further. For foil printing the primer is laid down first followed by the foil, the white ink and, finally, the CMYK ink. For that extra oomph a clear layer can also be added. This style of printing (foil) can be successfully done on plastic, glass and many other substrates. Whether you are using foil or standard UV print techniques the iUV range of machines come with a vacuum bed so holding the item in place during printing is just as easy and quick as everything else to do with these machines.

Compress iUV is a name that is fast establishing itself in this arena. The build quality is what we have come to expect from this manufacturer and it is easily matched by the print quality and the flexibility. If you are looking to expand your UV printing plant or looking to add it to you current catalogue then Compress iUV is the place to start.

For more information please contact sales@yesltd.co.uk or call 01623 863343

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