Using a premium thread can really make a difference

Gunold threads

GS UK has supplied the UK textile industry with machinery and consumables for over 30 years. As the UK supplier of Gunold thread GS UK knows that using a premium quality thread can really make a difference to the finished design and how well it runs on the embroidery machine.

Threads such as Gunold Sulky or Poly are made of high quality raw materials, for example Enka viscose for Sulky rayon and an EU-polyester for Poly. Lubricants, applied to the embroidery thread as a coating ensure smooth running of the thread throughout the whole thread pass. Premium quality threads such as those produced by Gunold can decrease the chance of a thread break occurring on the machine due to their consistently high breaking strength. It goes without saying that premium threads stand for colour fastness, as well as for a low tolerance in colour deviation and the identical thread size in all colours and dye batches of a particular thread type.

When supplying such a comprehensive range of Gunold embroidery thread and consumables, it becomes a necessity to know the qualities of each thread and what type of work it is best suited to. GS UK, aside from its wealth of experience, has a team of in-house designers who offer a bespoke digitising service and use Gunold products to test their designs and explore the effects that can be created with them.

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