Urgent update on Resolute Brite DTG ink

Res Brite bundle low resThe recent launch of Resolute’s Brite DTG ink has been a great success. Brighter colours with a very economical price is a win win situation for all but that’s just not enough for the team at Resolute.

Introducing the best ever bundle price including white ink

With a litre price of just £119 and £129 for the 250ml CMYK set Resolute Brite DTG ink is a very economical and high quality product. The complete reformulation has increased the colour gamut while reducing the price. The next thing on the agenda for Brite is to offer a bundle reducing the cost of the Resolute high speed white that goes with it. A high quality white ink compatible with DuPont Artisitri white is now offered in a bundle that gives a pack price of just £249 plus VAT and delivery. This fantastic bundle price offers quality ink that is not only made in the UK it’s made by Resolute’s own in-house chemists to ensure quality, repeatability and a consistent supply.

Polyester printing on colours

One little trick up Resolute’s sleeve is the soon to be launched PolyColour. A new pre-treatment designed for printing white ink onto coloured polyester to be used with most DTG inks but especially designed for the Resolute Brite. This unique pretreatment has the capability to block out most resublimation of dyes when curing prints with white ink. Due out in six to eight weeks this will be the fourth product launch by Resolute in 2016. Resolute will of course be offering samples when PolyColour is available, the best way to find out when is to download the Resolute smartphone app or like the Resolute Ink Facebook page and the team will keep you updated.

Take a quick look at what’s available from Resolute.

For further information on garment, food and UV printing please contact the sales team:-

Resolute DTG Ltd, Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA

Tel: 01246 202686

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