Upcycled socks from Kingly

Kingly’s Upcycled Socks are the most sustainable and eco-friendly. Each pair of socks saves a staggering 1,200 litres of water. The MOQ is from only 150 pairs and the production lead time is only two weeks.

It has been confirmed by the Higg Material Sustainability Index (MSI) that upcycled yarns generously outperform virgin equivalent yarns across all sustainability metrics.

Composition: 85% upcycled cotton and other fibres, 12% eco regenerated nylon and 3% elastane. 

Kingly stops waste at the source

Kingly uses textile waste as a raw material resource, diverting it from landfill and incineration. Kingly becomes less dependent on virgin materials and saves water, energy, CO2 emissions and toxic materials.

Environmental savings and benefits in 2018

  • Water: Saved over 43.4 billion litres.
  • Toxic chemicals: Saved over 3.2 million kilos.
  • Textile waste: Upcycled over 2.9 million kilos.
  • RPET: Upcycled over 4.3 million bottles.
  • CO2 emissions: Saved over 61 million kilos.
  • Energy: Saved over 157 million kWh
  • Landfill: Saved over 7.3 million sq m.

Upcycled yarn is free of hazardous substances. It exceeds ZDHC and REACH Compliance.

Get in contact with the team today to receive trade prices and more information.


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