Up, up and away!

NEW YES Article ImageA few words about Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2015 by John-Paul Burton (sales director of Your Embroidery Services Ltd).

“What a great show! We hoped it would be special for us as we are celebrating 20 years in business but we couldn’t have imagined just how positive it would be. In fact, this was one of the most successful shows we have attended. It was so gratifying to feel the genuine warmth from visitors who went out of their way to join in with our celebrations. We had so many visitors it was hard to speak to everyone so, for those that we missed, could I just say thank you.

“It was also good to see how well YES Airways was received with us giving away many flights to a variety of global destinations. This is the first time we have done this so you could say that it was a ‘Pilot’ project but maybe that pun is a little too obvious. Anyway for those that benefitted – have a great trip.

“Of course the show wasn’t just about our birthday and the flights, it was also about the launch of new products and the promotion of existing ones. These shows are really good for the buyer as you can see all the major players at the same time and we felt confident that the quality of machines we offer would shine through. Our confidence was well founded and the interest in both existing and new models was amazing.

“For embroidery the Ricoma caused quite a stir as did the new KN Series machines from SWF where innovation was definitely the order of the day. DTG Digital was also well received with the new models attracting a lot of attention. Unlike many other machines available DTG Digital models are uniquely designed for this market with their own in-house print engine. Something a little new for us, but just as well received, was the Compress UV printer. Designed for printing onto hard surface products, such as those used in the promotions industry, the potential of developing another income stream from their existing customer base was recognised by many visitors.

“Unfortunately we were so busy that, at times, we suspect that some visitors may not have got all the information they wanted but all is not lost. Just contact us at sales@yesltd.co.uk or visit our web site at www.yesltd.co.uk and to all of you that benefitted from the free flights – happy holidays.”

Throughout the show YES Ltd held a prize draw for customers to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

The lucky winners were as follows:

Sunday February 22 – Richard Barrett of Barrett Graphics

Monday February 23  – Jatinder S. Dhanjal of Embroidery By Design

Tuesday February 24 – Rachael Childs of Best Workwear Co.

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