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Dae Ha has moved to 100% recyclable, or biodegradable packaging

Dae Ha UK unveils a world first for the heat transfer industry: recycled blended polyesters into all heat transfer vinyl.

As a global manufacturer, Dae Ha is very proud to introduce a world first in its industry: recycled blended polyesters into all heat transfer vinyl, through the use of recycled blended polyesters in the PET Liners, backed up by certification from Control Union, who are focused on the sustainability of supply chains for industries such as food, bioenergy and textile markets.

Family-owned Dae Ha is an ethical business working hard towards greater sustainability, by introducing measures where the latest technology allows. Currently, HTV from fully sustainable sources, such as bamboo or bio-degradable films is not possible, as these films cannot withstand the temperatures required by the hot melt adhesives to ensure longevity of the transfers demanded by the end customer, as they are not heat stable (and therefore destroy the transfer) under heat pressing.

One Flex is now available in 53 colours

Looking to the future, the Dae Ha family is striving to be the first manufacturer which achieves the first truly sustainable/ recyclable HTV, and will keep on investing in this area until success happens, and the use of recycled polyesters in all or HTV, makes Dae Ha a proud leader in the manufacturing of heat transfer films, and the first small step on the journey towards giant leaps.

Dae Ha is also a proud holder of ISO 14001:2015, an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organisations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders.

All HTV is produced with either REACH or SGS Test Reports, while the majority of Dae Ha’s HTV is EN71-3:2019 certified.

With sustainability in mind, Dae Ha has moved to 100% recyclable, or biodegradable packaging, while its Printable and Classic Flex PET Liners can also be recycled as they don’t use adhesives during the lamination process.

A colour and pattern explosion across Dae Ha’s HTV

Over 50 new colours and patterns have exploded into the Dae Ha’s range this year. One Flex, possibly the most user-friendly PU film ever produced, is now available in 53 colours, the amazing 3D Puff PU has increased to 16 colours including five vibrant neons, while its exclusive and gorgeous looking Shimmer Flex has upped to 35 colours, iridescents and patterns. New colours for Glitter and Flock are soon to arrive, while DH Sublimation paper is now available in A3 and A4, prior to the introduction of rolls, all supplementing over 300 individual HTV options for the UK’s widest choice

3D Puff PU has increased to 16 colours

New 45D Plus PU and Classic Flex

With the popularity of high build HTV increasing ever more, Dae Ha has introduced 45D Plus PU. Based on the hugely popular One Flex HTV, this new 450micron HTV provides superb design opportunities that will command a higher value.

At the opposite end, Classic Flex is very popular with clothing manufacturers for being a fast-weeding economical HTV, for large transfers such as sports names and numbers, logos and large designs.

Sustainable heat presses from Lotus

With a UK/ EU directive for sustainable electrical items/ right to repair law, which comes into effect this summer, it puts heat presses in the spot light.

Hand built in Italy since 1972, Lotus presses use high grade materials, electronics and wiring to ensure their longevity that surpasses all others.

The unique Mika-Tech smart heating technology provides the most accurate and even heating of the platen on the market, and all presses are ergonomically friendly and effortless to use day in day out, no matter how hard there are worked. Lotus presses are durable, very robust, and come with an industry leading two-year warranty for all parts, and a 10-year warranty for the unique heating elements.


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