Ultimate embroidery machines


2019 sees the launch of the ‘ultimate’ embroidery machine by Japanese manufacturer Happy. The new HCU embroidery machine will be available from Midwest Machinery from Q2.

The HCU, where the U stands for ‘ultimate’ is a high-speed single head machine, with 15 needles.

Its features include:

  • A maximum speed of 1,500 stitches per minute (For caps the speed reduces to 1,200spm). This means productivity is improved by an average of 61%.
  • The HCU features a larger embroidery area: 450x600mm. The previous launched HCD3 – (before HCU) had a speed of 1,200spm and embroidery area 400x 520mm, so this new machine has improvements in many areas.
  • New functions such as digital pressure foot, digital thread tension and so on, will be adopted.
  • Cylinder bed will eliminate keeper assembly and be downsized.
  • Larger empty space under embroidery area will be studied to accommodate a large material.
  • The HCU is lighter in weight than the predecessors HCD3 and HCD2.

More information on this new embroidery machine will become available in the new year, when product images will also be released.

Showing for the first time at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! in January will be new HCR3-1504x Stretch.

The HCR3-1504x has been created for those who need high production capability and a large sewing field. The sewing field for each of this machine’s four heads has been extended to allow embroidery on the included set of 17.25×16.5in hoops, making large projects such as team appliqué uniforms, full jacket backs, or even mass-production of patches possible, or much more efficient.

The machine is still compatible with conventional field Happy hoops as well. The HCR3-1504x includes Happy’s latest multi-head technology such as servo drive for faster, quieter sewing, more robust construction for greater durability and more-consistent sewing quality on even the most challenging surfaces.

Its features include:

  • Servo drive system for quieter, higher speed operation.
  • New carriage base design for smoother, steadier operation at all sewing speeds.
  • User-friendly touch screen control with on-board help, auto-error correction.
  • USB flash drive ports, LAN and USB PC connection ports, included software.
  • 40 million stitch/ 999-design memory.
  • Load and set up additional designs while the machine is sewing.
  • Automatic color change. 250 changes are allowed per design, appliqué stop or frameout.
  • Onboard edits: flip/rotate, fine-scaling, offset from centre, and more.
  • Automatic production and error reporting.
  • Quick detachable support table.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see live demonstrations of this embroidery machine in action.

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