Two direct to garment printers from M&R



  • Phenomenal quality on images up to 41x51cm (16x20in).
  • M-Link X prints whites in 30-45 seconds and blacks in less than a minute.
  • M-Link prints whites in 45-60 seconds and blacks in under three minutes.

If you’re a screen printer, embroiderer, or other garment decorating professional thinking about entering the world of direct to garment printing, there are no better companions than M&R’s M-Link and M-Link X digital textile printers. Both offer exceptional value, and M-Link X’s combination of speed and quality makes it superior. With colour profiles designed specifically for Artistri BRITE inks, i-Colour RIP quickly converts digital art files into printed images with maximum sharpness, superior shading and tonal gradations.

And M&R solved the issue of ink-waste and white-ink separation and settling by circulating white ink within the main ink reservoir and throughout the main white ink lines every 30 minutes when the printer is idle.

M-Link and M-Link X include a 36x52cm (14×20.5in) pallet which can be used to print images up to 36x51cm (14x20in). An optional 41x51cm (16x20in) pallet can be used to print images up to 41x51cm (16x20in). A 10x41cm (4x16in) sleeve-printing attachment and a 25x30cm (10x12in) youth printing pallet are also available.

Digital Squeegee

  • Full colour CMYK prints on screen printed under base at 400 shirts per hour.
  • Combining high-resolution digital printing with the speed and cost savings of screen printing to offer you the ideal hybrid printing solution.
  • Fast set up with minimal screens and no pre-treatment.

M&R’s DS-4000 Digital Squeegee is setting the standard for hybrid printing. At production rates of 400+ prints per hour the DS-4000 bridges the gap between direct to garment (DTG) printing and screen printing. Since the Digital Squeegee prints on top of a screen printed under base a wide array of fabrics – including synthetic and performance blends – can now be printed digitally, opening the door to new market trends and cost-effective high-end digital textile imaging.

An eight-to-12-colour screen print would typically require hours to perform separations, process and expose screens, mix inks, and register the press. The same screen print can be set up and printed on the Digital Squeegee in a fraction of the time with a minimal number of screens, greatly reducing art times that are normally associated with multi-colour screen print jobs.

With some creative planning, a common screen printed white under base can be used with varying digital print data to produce completely different images in the same print run.

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