Twinning across the ages

SF085, SK085, SM085 Cuffed Lounge Pants from SF (Skinnifit) and the LW08 Lounge Pants from Larkwood

We live in an age now where it’s not uncommon for children to wear mini versions of their mum’s and dad’s outfits. Elaine Fyfe, SF (Skinnifit)’s brand manager, explains the appeal.

Q) First of all, what’s the definition of twinning?

Twinning has become a popular phrase for matching, stemmed from matching mum and daughter outfits like two peas in a pod! But why let the fun stop there when the full family can be twinning?

Q) Why do you think twinning is so popular right now?

Human connection. It’s an engaging way of interacting between family members, friends and peers. Given the past couple of years we’ve gone through, people have craved greater connection with those around them.

We’re also engulfed in the Instagram generation – sharing pictures, creating fun content, connecting with people near and far…

Q) What drove your decision to incorporate matching styles for adults and children across your ranges?

Skinnifit was introduced with the first women’s fit T shirt into our market in 2000, and the Men’s and Minni ranges were launched just three years later in 2003. Since then, the ranges have grown and evolved with greater demand for styles that are available across the ages. We currently have 21 styles available in SF Minni through to adults, with a few more under development for launch pre-Christmas and in 2023!

Q) What kind of customers do you see buying into the twinning trend?

SF’s Body + Mind story has been around for a long time, with styles selling into dance, cheer, fitness, swim clubs and the like. With groups starting from small kiddies up to young adults in many cases, the range of sizes being available has been key to the brand’s success in these sectors.

In addition to this, with more start-up online retail businesses being created in more recent years, there’s been a fresh market area for matching siblings and parent-child outfits for cute gifting and personalisation opportunities.

Q) Why should a decorator consider offering matching styles for adults and children to their customers?

There’s an extensive range of opportunities from the returning business of clubs and groups to one-off personalisation for gifts, special occasions, events and brands. Personalisation adds value, and end-users seem happy to spend on something special and unique.

SK236 and SM236 Fashion Crop Tops co-ordinated with SK426 Fashion Leggings and SM427 Fashion Cycling Shorts

Q) Any advice for decorators when it comes to twinning? Decorating or branding opportunities?

There are so many decorating and branding opportunities from something as simple as a brand name or fun slogan on a T shirt, to something more fashion-led like the waistband of the SK236 and SM236 Fashion Crop Tops co-ordinated with SK426 and SM426 Fashion Leggings or SK427 and SM427 Fashion Cycling Shorts – suitable from HTV, sublimation or embroidery.

Q) What’s your biggest seller or most popular twinning product? Why do you think this is?

Aside from our core products the SF121, SK121 and SM121 Feel Good Stretch Ts, the growth in sales of the SF083, SK083 and SM083 Tartan Lounge Pants has been phenomenal over the past two years and is definitely a stand-out style! Tartan is timeless, distinctive and easily paired with any number of tops and decoration designs for something fun, modern, sweet, cheeky or simply good quality. The red and navy check is the best-selling colourway, now also available in SF’s SF074, SK074 and SM074 Tartan Lounge Sets and LW074 All-in-One from Larkwood.

Q) What feedback or comments have you received from your customers about your twinning options?

More, more, more! For every new style we develop for adults,’ it’s inevitable there will also be some demand for the matching kids’ versions! Since the SF range starts from 3/4 years on some styles, we’ve identified key products that would also work in the Larkwood Baby & Toddler Collection, so that we can offer more styles from babies’ sizing through to adults.

Q) Do you see twinning as trend that is here to stay?

Absolutely; whether it’s with novelty Minni-me style twinning, or for clubs and groups who run from kids to adults, the demand will always be there for key products.

Q) And, finally do you have any other comments you would like to make about twinning?

With this being a key trend, we have made it easier for our customers to identify our twinning styles, so look out look out for the Twinning/Also For icons across our ranges.

Not limited to SF (Skinnifit), twinning is also possible across sister brands, Tombo and Finden+Hales.

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