Twin with the kids

Tombo’s Kids Seamless Fade Out Vest

The trend of co-ordinating with the kids blazed on to the scene in 2018 and is here to stay for this year too.

Twinning, as it’s been dubbed, is as popular as ever, with an increase in demand for styles that translate between adults and kids.

Prestige’s 2019 collection is full of styles available in kids and adults sizing. This ranges from staple styles such as T shirts, hoodies and polo shirts, to more niche areas such as fitnesswear and sleepwear.

For example, the Tombo seamless range has been developed for children in 2019, with new styles such as the Kids Seamless Fade Out Leggings (TL320) and the Kids Seamless Fade Out Vest (TL322) complementing the existing adult range.

This is inspired by the athleisure juggernaut, and in response to the drive for more co-ordinating products in all aspects of outfit choice.

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